THEHAZE — Self-Titled
Release date : Mar. 04, 2014

The haze is a quartet of both emcees and producers blending a mixture of boom bap cinematic soundscape seamlessly with dense, introspective lyrics. Birthed in 2012, four musicians merged together in an attempt to shake up the mundane LA underground hiphop scene. This album is a testament to their attempts to blend dense introspective prose over cinematic, almost noir beats. Dictated by ghostly pianos and synths that provide the perfect backdrop for the lyrically dense, and intellectual flow, it steadily progresses: switching vantage points and topics seamlessly. Sharp yet fluid, it sets the bar higher than when they found it, and leaving a blueprint on how to diverge from the beaten path.

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Besatree — SOILED
Release date : Dec. 06, 2013

Big Thanks to Thesis, Kid Presentable & Kserious for doing features for the ep. Also a major Thank You to James Barnett (Photography) and Alex Noearth Rheault (Mastering). CLDMKRS // RSI

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CLDMKRS – Do My Own Thang

CLDMKRS — Do My Own Thang
Release date : Dec. 06, 2013

Joe Mas Kid Presentable!!! Besatree Kserious Produced by: Besatree Mastered by: Noearth Photography by: James Barnett & EddieSVN Graphic Design by: Besatree

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Talking Apes

Kristofer Rojas ft Analog Dive & Besatree — Talking Apes
Release date : Oct. 08, 2013
Label : RisingSons Independent
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Never Growing Up

CLDMKRS — Never Growing Up
Release date : Sept. 02, 2013

Cloudmakers light you up with their new single “Never Growing Up”. Pick up a drink, smoke, or whatever medicine you choose, sit back, and enjoy. EMCEES: Kid Presentable!!! Besatree Noearth Joe Mas Erage Kserious Thesis Adversity PROD/MIX/MASTER: Besatree

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Besatree (ft.Notiz Yong & Apostrophe) — Ritualistic
Release date : May. 20, 2013

Notiz Yong Apostrophe Besatree (CLDMKRS)

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Same Field

Besatree (ft.Kid Presentable, Noearth, Thesis, Kserious) — Same Field
Release date : Aug. 14, 2012
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