Tongue Depressor

What a bummer it is to realize you’re depressed.
Don’t want to tell nobody about it but still need to get it off my chest.
So… I’ll leave this here probably just long enough to make me feel uncomfortable, then delete it.

I’m honestly usually really good with this type of shit. Self aware enough to pull myself out of it or find a way to make it useful. Doesn’t always work tho, sometimes get hit with that shit that just gets under the skin and there’s no relief or remedy but to let it burn it’s way out. Anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety and more all just oozing out my pores. I know I can’t fix it, so I just quarantine. Lock up, hideout, go into ghost mode. I knnoooowww my misery loves company… At least on the surface, but really in the big picture I don’t want to drag others down with me.
I think sometimes I’m too self aware and just never let myself feel the emotions. I’m feel outside myself like I’m just documenting it all.
Feel like I need to just steep in this for a minute I guess. Keep my tongue pinched while my view skewed.

– blaséatree

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