In The Woods (A Prelude)

I’m not drunk anymore… But I was pretty steadily for about 7 or 8 years tho, here’s a quick back-story and then my update to follow:

In 2007 I started drinking, daily drinking more specifically. This progressed and got worse and worse as the years went on and my tolerance went up. I’m not an angry or wild drunk, more so an unproductive, sloppy one with a disillusioned view of self. Blurry judgement lead to blurry decisions which in turn just made everything seem blurry and “good enough”. I made a lot of garbage is what I’m trying to say. A lot. The majority of music I was making was sub-par and I can see that now. Not because I was a young artist growing or anything like that, but because I was fucked up all the time and it clouded my judgement and heavily affected my decision making. I hadn’t realized at the time but somewhere deep down, I knew I was putting out garbage because I never really felt that natural confidence in my work, I’d have moments where I was flying high but as an overall it just wasn’t there.

Things have changed. It’s hard to explain but the easiest way I can think of is when you’re in a relationship and you kinda feeling like maybe you’re not happy… then one day, that clarity just fucking hits you so hard and you realize that today, right now you’re done and OF COURSE you’re not happy. It’s so odd, that feeling. Or another way I think of it is like when you’re looking at an image or photo or something but just seeing it totally wrong… then, out of nowhere, your eyes adjust quickly and you see the image properly. That sensation is insane to me. I can almost never get back to seeing the image how I originally had and I hope that rings true with this as well.
Somewhere around mid January of this year something finally clicked and I was able to get a hold of myself again and wrangle the chaos in and get it under control. Now I have a beer here and there without issue. Only been a few months but the change in me, my work ethic and my work have all been substantial. I notice that when I was boozy all the time, I talked a lot about getting things done but really didn’t get much done. Now, I’m not saying much, just doing it, and damn… feels really good to know that I’m part of and participating in reality again.

So, I guess the point to all this shit is that I’m going to be releasing something new in the near future. An EP, 10 songs and I basically just really hope you will check it out and I hope it connects with you & you enjoy it. Not going to be releasing much info about it for now but in final stages and I think I should have it all ready for you within the next couple months.

I really wanted to give some back-story to this album for a couple of reasons… one of them being that I am such a fucking hermit these days and just huddled up in my bunker that I see and talk to everyone so much less. I don’t know if maybe I’m just becoming the beautiful butterfly that is a grumpy old man or what, but I’m def in hideout mode and I can’t seem to shake it. Also, I feel I have really “come into my own” or “found my stride” haha or whatever you want to call it with this EP. At some point along the way I had blurred the lines between “being positive” and “never being negative or aggressive” and although I am overall a positive person, my negative and aggressive side is a frequent visitor and is just a part of me that I also want to encapsulate in these songs because… it’s who I am. Good with the bad. And quite honestly, my aggressive side is pretty fucking creative so embracing it has been a huge benefit and way of progressing both as an artist and as a human.

So, that’s the whole thing. That’s where it’s at. I felt I owed an explanation as to where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing and basically just why I’ve been mia the past few months. New shit coming soon to show you where I’ve been.

Thank you for fucking with me, listening, buying, sharing… whatever it is you’re doing, whatever reason you’re here… Thank You.
Keep your ear to the ground for this new EP and you’ll be hearing from me soon.


Check out a track I did on this: LAY LOW

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