Things Are Looking Up

I’m gonna start out with a shout to my Stay Illuminated fam for opening the door for this opportunity. Major love!

Just booked a flight to Colorado for next month. Exciting for a few reasons… Right off the bat, I’m honestly just excited to fly, hahaha. Haven’t been on a plane for years now, def over a decade. More importantly tho, this is a hellafied step up for ya boy. The scales are starting to even out a bit to where trips like these are more feasible. So… THANK YOU. Thank you guys for your constant support, sharing my music, videos, page, website, etc. Makes such an enormous difference on my end, I wouldn’t be able to expand into these opportunities without you.
Soooo, thanks to you guys I’ll be in Denver, Colorado next month. I’ll have merch in hand so hit me up, lets ill and smoke one if you local.

Also, to say thanks for runging me up a level… Here’s a Coupon Code for the Shop for 35% off your total order (expires Tuesday March 24th, 2015):

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