My heart hurts. Just found out that Harris Wittels passed and it just makes me so sad. It’s incredible how someone you never met or spoken to can have such a big effect on you.
Parks and Recreation on last season… He doesn’t even get to see it all come to an end. Rip Harris Wittels, Rip Humblebrag… And maybe the most devastating to me… Rip DON’T STOP OR WE’LL DIE.
I feel like I lost a friend… That combo of comedy and music… It’s a vice for me, this dude hit the mark… His comedy was hilarious and although they are considered a comedy band, Don’t Stop Or Well Die is a band that struck a serious chord with me.
I was going to go see them at UCB in 8 days.
I won’t even bullshit, I feel a fool for being as emotional as I am over somebody I don’t know or haven’t met….BUT, that’s exactly why music has always been so important to me. I see and recognize how it can connect strangers. The comedy and music combo… And the fact he was successful and great at all of it…. Uggg it really just hurts my heart. Very talented dude. I really have a lot of appreciation and a sense of awe towards Harris. Comedy and Music lost a good one and I’m feeling that loss.
I stay in some pretty niche pockets and Harris and projects he was involved in just somehow how the fast track to my heart.
You will be missed.

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