Stab Me Already

A little less than 3 years ago I got my first sinus infection. Kinda odd already considering I was pretty much born with an inhaler in hand and over the years built relationships with the hospital staff I saw so often. It just seemed like that would have happened BEFORE I grew out of my asthma. Nonetheless,  this sinus infection (or at least the plugged ears and pressure/stuffy head part) has stuck with me at full force ever since. Nearly everyday, headache medicine,  trying to shake out my head, digging in my ears…. Just anything to give even mild pressure relief. You know when your ears are all clogged up and you yawn and sorta feels like a bubble of air is traveling through your head till it reaches your ears and pops??… My bubble stops at the back of my throat, can’t get any air through… 3 years now. If you’ve ever seen me doing what looks like yelling at myself,  I was probably trying to force a yawn out.  Get called out quite a bit for that, prolly looks ridiculous from afar… Fighting a yawn.  Haha. The other bummer part of this is that between my ears not properly fluctuating with pressure and messing with excessively loud music for extended periods of time, I have lost about 20% of my hearing.  This is fucking scary. There’s nothing to do now but be proactive in reducing my exposure and trying to keep some sort of handle on it.
Today I go in for pre-op to find out what’s involved in the surgery,  recovery time and yada yada. The surgery itself is next Wednesday the 18th and at this point I’m really looking forward to it. Just want to get things moving.
So that’s where it sits as of now… Will be posting followups so come back for the update!

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