SXSW Wrap Up

Thursday the 14th – 20 hour drive to Austin, TX involving getting stopped and searched by dogs at 3am at the border of NM and TX.
Friday the 15th – Arrive in Austin at hotel, eat, check-in, down to sxsw to get our wristbands. Immediately run into Open Mike Eagle and Alwayz Prolific on our way to go to free Kendrick Lamar, BunB Pusha T, Danny Brown, A$AP Ferg, Roc Marciano, Rockie Fresh + more show and get in within 5 minutes. While we were there we jumped backstage and saw Pharrell and Sway! After that, we left that show to go hangout with The Pharcyde at Viceland show and watch Ghostface Killa and Juelz Santana…. then, SLEEEEEEEP.
Saturday the 16th – Wake up in the afternoon, a random homie of mine (Brian) is local from CA for work so he rolls over to the hotel. We leave to go back downtown and grab Brian a wristband, after a long hot trek we get to the convention center just in time to find the doors closed and locked. Lucked out though and caught one worker there who talked to another worker and through sheer miracle…. he gives us a wristband. We walk out with free entry for Brian. Time to eat so we hit up this spot called Franks which was hella good! Had veggie options and alldat! After Franks we walked around for a little bit and met up with another homie Drone before walking 2 miles to our show. Walked up to the local college campus to rock at the SpiderHouse. Got an opportunity to see and rock with Medusa, Burnell Washburn and The Highest Low. Was a dope show, gave out a bunch of cds after. From there we started walking back to the main chunk of sxsw. Ended up getting shafted by about 4 or 5 cabs who had enough room but wouldn’t let us in and we ended up hitching/paying for a ride with some kids in a van at a local gas station… Brian and the dude laying on the mattress in the back of the van (a surprise to us as well) then started singing about cocaine and we continued on. We landed back downtown and headed to Club De Ville where The Pharcyde shut down the night like nobody’s business. This was definitely the best performance I’ve seen of these dudes and it was seriously murderous. We (The Cloudmakers) were on the side stage and got a big ole shoutout and got some love from The Pharcyde while they were on stage…. so dope. Big thanks to them for that. We hung out for a bit after the show then walked a few blocks to get some food before heading back to the hotel around 4 or 5 am. Then more SLEEEEP.
Sunday the 17th – Got ourselves up, out of bed and checked out of the hotel a little after check out time. We then headed over for one more quick bleezy with The Pharcyde before the drive. Handled that and jumped back on the road for our 20 hour trek back to California.
Monday the 18th – …still driving……. HOME around 7am!

See you next year SXSW.

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