Joint Relationship

Promoters and artists are in the same boat, make sure you understand the relationship.

I recently saw that a venue I’ve performed at multiple times (including twice within this last month) was asking for artists to get in touch via text message to play a free show on Saturday. I texted the number with a quick intro and asked what the show would consist of, here’s the response I received: “All music…. its going to be free for fans all types… Music and network”.
Oh really?! Music fans huh? And networking… Wow. What an opportunity!! Definitely don’t get that at every other show I play. Regardless, I still tried to get more info, asked who else was already booked to play and how long of sets artists doing. Responses were “20 minutes if your a band” and “Yes….other bands”.
Annoyed. First off, I’m helping you out homie… You clearly fucked up by not booking entertainment on time and now 2 days before are reaching out on Facebook asking for people to come fill time for you. You’re expecting me to just drive out there with no promotion, no flyer, no knowledge of who or what other acts are playing, no compensation and clearly no organization so that you can “not get yelled at” or some shit? NO THANKS. All that’s getting you is a bad name for yourself/the venue and a lot of acts who see that you’re not invested in them having a good show.
There are those that DO understand and those that CLEARLY DO NOT understand… Don’t waste your time with the latter. I’m just going to keep doing shows Sundays through the promoter who knows how to treat artists with respect, make flyers, promote and continue to try and make a good experience for all involved.
Don’t waste your time, energy and resources working with people that are not working WITH you but are trying to exploit your work ethic, hustle, grind, whatever you want to call it.

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