The Cypher Effect w/CloudMakers pt.2

Check it out… The Cypher Effect with The CloudMakers pt.2 featuring MC MEGA, KSERIOUS, ALPHA CALM, THAWT & BESATREE.

This was really fun to do, definitely hope to get involved in another one down the road. Please give some feedback and share it!! Let your people know what we’re up to!
Links to everyone below:

JDS Films/The Cypher Effect

MC Mega


Alpha Calm



Here’s a few extra pictures from the day as well as a link to the first CloudMakers Cypher Effect session.

Here’s the first half >> The Cypher Effect – CloudMakers pt.1 

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  • Djgreeneyes on

    Haha PROPS All y’all killed it- but Bes killed it killed it. Nice work fellas .

  • Rich Davis on

    Bad ass boys! Even the old guy likes this shit! I’ll be sharing thx!

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