I’ll wait. It’s worth it for the peace of mind…
If you work hard on anything on your computer, back it up. FOR REALS.
It’s too easy to keep postponing something like a backup. I have fallen prey to “doing it later”…..and there were consequences. I recently realized I had almost a terabyte of important non-backed up data and nearly had a heart attack. The amount of time and work that has went into some of these projects would be devastating to lose. These hard drives and storage banks WILL go bad, make sure you’re prepped for it. I did a bit of research on some of the top online backup companies and ended up going with one called CrashPlan. Unlimited backup space for one computer + external hard drives and auto update changed files. The only thing that costs is online backup, otherwise you can download free and create backups, backup to a disk, backup to a friend or have a friend backup to you. Lots of pretty dope options in here so far, definitely worth a look if you have put any significant amount of work into anything on your computer.

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