You’re not a rapper if….

All this “you have to do _______ to be a rapper” and “you’re not a real rapper if you don’t/can’t do _______” is a load of shit. You know what you can do??…. ANYFUCKINGTHING YOU WANT.
What is the point of spouting out some stupid shit like that? It’s like a weird form of bullying…. “If you can’t freestyle, you’re not a real rapper”…..really?! Cuz I would be willing to bet some of your most respected artists can’t freestyle. AND, if they all can, every single one….you’ve really pigeon-holed yourself into a small corner of a HUGE room. Some of these guys act as if they never were beginners, like they’ve always been good. I’m calling bullshit. It looks more like insecurity than anything else…”If you can’t do this thing I’ve been working at for years, then I’m better at it than you”…. Well, no shit. I would certainly hope so. But next time instead if trying so hard to look “dope” by generally badmouthing folks in your community who could (and might) be looking up to you, why don’t you offer some advice on how to improve?

To those that take this kind of ill formed bullshit to heart….. From one RAPPER/ARTIST to another… Call yourself whatever the fuck you want.

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