Like a lot of artists out there I work a full time job (7-4 + a healthy drive) that takes up a huge amount of the time I feel I could be productive. It’s incredibly frustrating to be motivated to create only to have that creativity stifled because your energy must be shifted and used at work. To quit or to stay? The comfort of a steady paycheck or to struggle chasing a dream? It’s an easy answer… I know… But there’s another factor here, my family. I want to do my part in keeping us all fed, clothed, housed while also being able to create, write and record. Finding the balance between the 3 majors (family, work, music) is proving to be a very difficult task but I stay determined to find the middle ground.
Thanks to those reading, supporting and listening. I’m hoping to one day fuse the work and music into a single entity… Any support in the time leading there I am especially thankful for.
Until then… Back to work.

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