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FAWM (February Album Writing Month)

Can’t even remember how I stumbled into finding F.A.W.M. (February Album Writing Month). I had previously heard of National Novel Writing Month, but nothing in regards to music. The idea with FAWM is to create an album in the month of February, 14 1/2 songs. Check the the site for more of the guidelines —
For me, FAWM sounded appealing because I have a bad habit of starting projects with good momentum, then very quickly becoming distracted by the sound of another new project. This leads to lots of half-structures and skeleton beats with no meat. This sounded like a perfect opportunity to for me to exercise myself and at the same time force myself to find a happy medium with tracks much more quickly. I am highly doubting any of these will end up on a best seller list or anything but really enjoying the exercise so far.
You can keep up to date with me and my FAWM progress here: Besatree on
Pretty sure you have to sign up in order to comment, but if you enjoy something or have any criticisms for any of the tracks I have up there, please take a minute to sign up and say so.
As a final note, I highly recommend this to any musicians who enjoy a challenge or perhaps are just finding themselves musically stuck. Enjoy!
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