Photoshoot with Ulices Del Toro [A Primer]

These first two photos I took on my phone, but the bottom (3rd) photo is one of many from our shoot with Ulices… definitely has got me hyped to see the rest!
Let me give a blatant plug to Ulices Del Toro Photography first off. Not only is Ulices portfolio of work dope, and not only does it seem he is constantly working…. but he’s also a very nice guy and incredibly easy to work with. Any of you guys out there looking for photography services for a good rate, definitely get in contact with Ulices…  dude is on point. If you want more proof, just wait till we get some of these other photos up. In the meantime, find Ulices here: DelToroPhoto // Twitter: @ulicesdeltoro // Tumblr: 

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