Working Hard

I’ve been pretty absent as of lately, the month of December is proving to be an extremely busy one. Either way, although it seems things are dormant, they are not. Tracks are being worked on, collaborations are getting banged out, photos/videos are being schemed and @k_serious and I are hard at work on what will be our first demo.
As many of you know @k_serious and I have recently been doing quite a bit of collaboration with Wckr Spgt. What many of you may not know is that we decided to take the money that we made from The Mountain Goats show at Chapman University and put it all toward recording our collaborative efforts. We are now nearing the end of the recording and things are sounding good. Really exciting to have something different from what we’ve been doing to branch off into. So, keep your eyes/ears open in the fairly near future for some new, fun material from Wckr Spgt featuring myself (@besatree) and @k_serious.
Also, on a different note, @k_serious and I are looking to play shows. We are not only willing, but WANT to play your house shows/parties/venues….whatever it is…get at us via the contact page, we are definitely open to ideas.
That’s about it for now.
Come back soon for more and bring a friend!
Ok, thanks and bye bye now.

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