A Touch Of The Death – Remix

Just because I love ya’ll, here’s a remix.

You wanna see scary?//Ruffle feathers of this canary//Can rarely judge a situation fairly when participating or debating in it, gotta step back and think about it for a minute//Then I’m finished//Didn’t limit or prohibit any of the talk//Watch digits fidget on a digital clock//Need some fresh air so I’m going on a walk, I need oxygen when I’m shadow boxing with the wall//Maybe amoxicillin will get the problem solved//Yo Doc, think infection of the sort is the cause?//Pause for the plausible, but he doesn’t//Uh oh, got a feeling that it’s gonna be something worse//First thought head in a Hearst, no nurse//Universe cursed so through verse I traverse//Immersed and dispersed in irks and quirks//Burst and my gigahertz works, so dirty//Only take a shower when I get thirsty//Unworthy of herding any of my zzz’s so please pay the fees that you agree you owe//Acting responsible in front of people.

You’re see through and I’m through with you.

Stop attempts cuz amends won’t cut it//Blooded under the guise of being something other than a trap//Recap by snapping your back//Let blood blast like a tap on the max//Pathogens map splatter vast patterns like tracks and trails//Facts fall short and then crap prevails//Quit leaving entrails when you speak, don’t have the tools to dig a hole that deep sleepwalker//Awful bother moniker is a “fake father”//Stalker getting blocked like a two inch tunnel on top for a train robber//Wanted the bird now you got the flock like Hitchcock except brought a darker//Black marker in a backpack even lab rats know they get farther if they try to map instead of trying use a mad-dash//Crash course casual, could of coded messages a bit more personal.

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