besatree track on RISK! (With Kevin Allison)

HUZZAH!! Super exciting news everyone…
I made a track for the RISK Podcast a couple months ago and I just found out it came out on todays episode titled Random!
If you haven’t already heard the RISK Podcast with Kevin Allison (formerly of The State) make sure you go check it out ASAP. Some seriously hilarious stuff.

If you want to listen to it immediately, check it out below…. I’m the opening credits track. BLAMMO!
Risk Track by Besatree:
Risk Track by Besatree

Full Podcast:
besatree on the RISK Podcast with Kevin Allison


Thanks much to Kevin Allison for including me in the RISK Podcast!!

Stepping on stage, doing your thing, well that’s a risk//Try to find a captive audience without a hostage its nearly impossible//Here’s the podcast RISK//Rich in original content called clips//Can’t evolve if all we do’s avoid all cliffs//Running with scissors so I could have some risk//Yeah, slitting these wrists and make fists it’s risk//Criss-cross wires and walk tired it’s risk//Drive ten miles on a popped tire, it’s risk//Spit shit sick until ya catch this risk.

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