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First besatree interview!! Even better yet, I’m the first hip hop artist to be interviewed for Punk Globe ever! Hell yeah!
The interview is now available in the September issue and will give some insight on where I came from musically to get where I am today.
besatree Interview on

Interview excerpt:
PunkGlobe: First off, I know you’re a busy man, so thanks a heap for making the time to let the PG readers know what you’ve been up to.  That said, many may be more familiar w/ your mid 1990’s – early 2000’s  presence in the grind/thrash/hardcore scene.  Care to give us a refresher on the bands you were involved w/ in those early days?

besatree: Absolutely. The first real put together (meaning we played shows/recorded etc)  band I was involved in was Almost Dead… started around 1998 or so, was pretty straight forward punk rock. Did have one self-released album Fighting A Pacifist War. We were together for a couple years and then just all kind of strayed to new projects. At that time I was mainly just playing guitar/screaming and occasionally playing drums. After Almost Dead… I played guitar in a band called Lachance for about a year before moving on to start a  thrash band called Put Him In A Bodybag. By this time I had moved from guitar to playing drums, we had one album titled Homogenized that was self-released around 2002. We only lasted about a year and a half before splitting. This is where things started to shift for me, I got my own computer. This opened an entire world of music I never would’ve guessed would grip me the way it did. So here’s what happened, around late 2002/2003 I ended up using….[Read more]

Much love to Spit & Image for hooking this up!

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