Cross Contaminated – Brand new track!!

Yo Folks!

Here’s the breakdown… I have a fairly large catalog of completed tracks that I’ve done within the past year or two. Some are great songs, some are already in the trash pile.  Long story short with it, I am not currently even working towards releasing the majority of said tracks because I’m much too excited for new and current projects underway.  The newest recorded song released to date is Yellowtips, (available for free on Biting The Hand That Feeds) and even that’s a bit older. I’ve been wanting to get a brand new track out, and that’s EXACTLY why I’ve asked you here today… Cross Contaminated. (Get it on bandcamp here: Cross Contaminated)
Listen or download below.
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Welcome to the circus where we burst works with purpose//First to talk surface is the first to catch a Hearst kid//Work split between sayings and rings, trying to make my base pay while kicking out a sixteen//Petroleum fiend I’m spilling more than BP, but luckily for me I’m not deep beneath the sea//Got reams of bright white to soak most of the leak, can’t just speak otherwise I’d never stop to breathe//Careening in a meaningful way//The scene will go gray//The day I write my last track rapping will fade//[What did he just say?]//Yo man, calm, I’m just kidding//I bust cuz I love so much what I’ve been hearing//Ya ain’t gotta rescue me, ain’t Denis Leary//Been six feet deep since the beginning//Spit bricks while you in a house of cards chilling//No ceiling, gone home to home stealing//Bones broke when the heavy words wrote start drilling//Mark villains with black hearts and bad feelings//Talk millions but build like ant hills//A spilled half gallon of milk will drown you.

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